The Gorilla Grow Tent Gear Board is the best Gorilla Grow Tent accessory for hanging fans, tools, and small equipment inside your hydroponic or soil indoor grow tent.

Gorilla Grow Tent Gear Board

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Start swinging from the tree tops with Smooth Home Growing and these amazing indestructible gear boards from Gorilla Grow Tents. The gear board conveniently snaps to your existing tent poles and helps maximize your space by removing floor items from your indoor growing area. Hang large oscillating fans, expensive meters, and monitors up in the air and off your jungle floor.


For use with the Original Gorilla Grow Tent sizes: 2x2.5, 2x4, 3x3, 4x4

*All Gorilla Gear Boards come with 1' Height Extension poles included.  Does not include 2' height extension poles, which can be ordered