Complete 10x20 Indoor LED Grow Tent System with Kind LED Grow Light

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Complete 10′ x 20′ LED Soil Grow Room

Smooth Home Growing is in awe of The SuperRoom 10x20, designed for maximum output and made for Master Growers or for growers who head up a collective for patients or consumers. You want big? Come on in! The SuperRoom 10x20 Soil LED Indoor Grow Room Package is a professionally designed, fully automated LED grow room package that comes complete with everything needed to grow in a greater footprint. Choose from our XL750 or XL1000 Kind LED Grow light options. Includes everything you need to grow from seed to harvest. Get growing big time!

The SuperRoom 10′ x 20′ Soil LED Indoor Grow Room Package includes a 10′ x 20′ Gorilla Grow Tent; eight Kind LED K5-XL750 grow lights;  sixty 5 gallon soil pots; an analog timer for complete light cycle automation; a Phresh carbon scrubber and filter; a digital readout thermometer / hygrometer; an internal circulation fan; an adjustable net trellis system; an electrical GFCI adapter; a pH testing kit; a TDS meter; a TechnaFlora Nutrient Bundle; an instructional DVD; and a 3 year warranty. Just add your favorite organic soil and get growing!

Included Components

Gorilla Grow Tent 10′x 20′ x 6’11″ (7’11″ w/ extension)

Smooth Home Growing tried out a few grow room tents, and we stand behind Gorilla Grow Tents. These are the very best and tallest, thickest, and strongest grow tent available. This is the only height adjusting grow tent available worldwide. GROW STRONG!

Eight K5-XL750 Kind LED Grow Lights

Our plants absolutely love these Kind LED grow lights. Kind LED lights use only about half the electricity as an HPS light and produce much more yield per watt. Many studies have shown plants love these lights, increasing in oil production and quality, closer inter-nodal spacing, and denser fruits and flowers. Also, because Kind LED grow lights produce less heat, they don't need to be air-cooled like HPS lights—and that eliminates the need for additional fans, making your grow system run quieter. Energy savings means cost savings—plus, you’ll make your plants happy! Click here for the full specifications of the K5-XL750.

Sixty 5 Gallon Soil Pots

When we first started growing indoors, we went back and forth over cloth versus solid grow containers. After trying these reusable soil pots out, we all agree these are the way to go. These heavy duty pots feature a reinforced rim—strong enough that even when loaded with soil and mature plants, they won't cave in on you when you pick them up. The pots feature a side and bottom drain design for superior drainage and offer a wide base for increased stability and the development of a more robust root mass. And since they're reusable, that means you save.

Phresh Carbon Filter

Keeping your indoor garden’s air healthy means your plants grow healthy, too. Phresh Carbon Filters are by far the best filters on the market for indoor grow rooms. They utilize an exclusive carbon charcoal fitting that contains unwanted odors much greater than any other on the market. Phresh Filters is the only company that has access to this special carbon filling, which results in a completely neutral air environment. At Smooth Home Growing, we're big believers in these filters.

Active Air Internal Circulation Fans

We know from experience that the correct airflow is essential in eliminating mold or mildew and minimizing potential bug problems. We found that other packages either didn't include fans or else provided improperly sized and noisy fans that disturbed the growing environment, which is why we searched for the best. We know, too, that the correct placement of fans in your grow room results in a healthier grow, which is why you not only get the best fans on the market but also instructions on where to place the fans to create a healthy growing environment your plants will love.

Hurricane Inline Fan

Inhale, exhale. Plants do it, we do it, and your grow room should, too. This commercial grade, high-performance inline exhaust fan is made of steel with a durable powder coated finish. It is made with quality UL listed components for reliable and quiet operation. Breathe easy.

Trellis System

Why a trellis with indoor growing? Short answer: INCREASED YIELDS. Not all plants need a trellis, but for taller flowering plants, a trellising system both increases your yields up to 30% and maximizes the quality of what you produce. Trellises create equal spacing by supporting, partitioning, and training your plants. This healthy spacing assists in the formation of a nice, even canopy, ensuring even light distribution and absorption. Flowering plants love the healthy environment this trellis creates.

Digital Thermometer / Hygrometer

The correct humidity and temperature can make your indoor growing that much more successful. This package provides a single device that effectively measures indoor/outdoor temperature and indoor humidity, allowing you to provide your plants with their ideal environment. This unit will also store the min/max values of your temperature and humidity. Easily switch between °C and °F. The unit also includes a clock function and a 12/24 hour mode switch. Includes a waterproof temperature probe so your readings are always accurate.

General Hydroponics pH Control Kit

Proper pH balance is critical for your plants’ health. Water’s alkalinity or acidity can be out of balance, affecting what you grow, which is why you get this pH control kit made by General Hydroponics. The kit contains 8 ounces of pH Up, 8 ounces of pH Down, a 1-ounce indicator and vial. Keep that pH in balance to keep your plants healthy.

TDS Meter

Make sure what you’re adding to your soils is pure. Find out quickly and easily with this digital Total Dissolved Solids Meter. The TDS-EZ has a large and easy-to-read LCD screen. The translucent blue housing is strong and durable and includes a convenient color chart explaining TDS values related to water purity.

Bond Moisture Meter

We love growing with soil and recognize from experience how quickly it can dry out, depending on where you grow. The Bond Moisture Meter will quickly and accurately measure the water content of your soil at all levels in the soil pot. The first time we grew indoors, we really could have used this unit! The display is easy to read, and you’ll always know when your plants need hydration. No batteries needed.

TechnaFlora Nutrient Bundle

We know you’ll choose the best soil for your plants, but you may find your soil needs a boost. Technaflora Plant Products Ltd. prides itself in manufacturing exceptional quality plant nutrients and additives. This starter kit includes 10 different nutrients to get you going.

10 Socket Industrial Power Strip

We all know electrical imbalances caused by power surges, lightning, and even switching on and off your workshop tools can cause cumulative, permanent damage to your valuable equipment. The Belkin Industrial Power Strip provides clean, safe, and balanced power from 10 grounded outlets. Don’t plug in without first plugging in the Belken Industrial Power Strip.

Analog Timer

Controlling the sun means you control your plants’ growth cycle. We’re stoked this analog light timer comes with this package, allowing you to automate light in your grow room. Put the control over seasons in your own hands. You tell the plants when it’s time to vegetate or produce fruits or flowers. Even in the middle of winter, you can have the beauty of spring or the harvest of fall.

GFCI Shock Buster

Whether you’re growing in soil the way we do at Smooth Home Growing or you’re growing hydroponically, we want you to STAY SAFE! This package includes a GFCI plug adapter with every one of our products—PLUG IT IN! It’s super easy to operate and an absolute must-have for eliminating electronic malfunctions that may occur whenever water is adjacent to electrical components. We’ll say it again: STAY SAFE!


Each LED Soil Grow Room comes with an instructional DVD, the Grow Tips manual, a 3-year warranty, and lifetime customer service. With your grow room package, you will harvest better on your very first yield than people who have been growing for years. You will receive lifetime grow support and consultation along with a great DVD. All of our packages are easy to set up, fully automated, and come with A+ BBB customer service.

To bring you this amazing indoor grow package that’s been engineered, designed, and built in California, we’ve partnered with SuperCloset, a world-renown trusted and reputable company that has provided the #1 selling grow systems in the world for over 10 years.