Quality Control and Safety Program

Assurance Plan

The DigaNET Quality Assurance Plan is a blend of military and commercial approaches that will assure the quality products, data, software and services are produced and provided to all customers. Management considers the key to the success of a program is the applications of proper quality practices and disciplined monitoring functions, both of which are assigned as quality assurance functions.

The designated quality assurance manager is responsible for all on-site and off-site operations and functions. Having said this, everyone on the site or back at Company Headquarters is responsible for total quality. Anyone has the power to stop any work should someone question the work or execution. The products and/or services delivered must meet the highest standards of workmanship performance and reliability. An effective and efficient assurance manager reports directly to the President. Compliance with the quality program established as a result of this policy is mandatory for all personnel.

The Quality Assurance [QA] operations consist of a manager supported by QA augmented to the extent required to accomplish the day-to-day functions of the approved quality program. The quality program reflects the design, manufacture, test and services operations performed by this organization. The goals of the program are based upon the concept that quality must be designed and built into a product and cannot be obtained by inspection and test.

Total Quality Management Program (TQM)

The quality program design encompasses:

  • Site and Risk Analysis and Visits, Discussions with Client, assuring that project and client expectations are met
  • Project Engineering based on understanding of the Client’s specific needs and concerns. This includes selection of products that meet the client’s needs and that are from ISO rated vendors or meets Digatron’s published requirements for product performance and reliability standards
  • Approval of Submitted Documents and Schedules by Client
  • Sub-Contractor pre-award evaluations, reference to Digatron TQM expectations
  • Hardware and software incoming inspections and tracking
  • Calibration of test equipment as required, adherence to internal standards
  • System sub-assembly testing prior to site delivery, documentation of same
  • Vendor liaison and inspections

Quality Administration

TQM is administered through the DigaNET Engineering Department as well as throughout the supervision of the  Quality Control Manager and Administration as applicable; is responsible for the preparation and control of quality documentation. An in house manual describes the DigaNET Quality Control Program, inspections practices, testing techniques and mandatory TQM criteria for the hardware deployed forming an integrated surveillance system to be tested and installed.

DigaNET’s TQM Process

Our quality management process includes, but is not limited to: Corporate, Administrative, Human Resources, Accounting, Purchasing, Technology, Receiving, Engineering, Shop, Project Management, Site Management, Test, Documentation, Quality Control, Training, After-Sale Customer Care and Support that are involved at any given time from pre planning and bidding through contract execution and management tracking. This ensures that systems are delivered as promised and as-built  drawings are accurate.


To meet the needs of all clients,  the Company has invested in a fully integrated cost accounting and bid management system which tracks all costs; material, overhead, administration, insurance, bonding, labor, tested and delivered systems, warranty service, etc. This system measures on a weekly basis individual project performance levels; cost overruns, early or late deliveries, etc.. This is also part of DigaNET's TQM program

Safety Standards on Site

DigaNET is well versed in working within the any environment. Digatron has in house published  Safety Regulations as well as forms used to document site safety meetings. A site meeting is planned at the start of any major site work, and a meeting is held every morning with all staff on site before the commencement of work to ensure that everyone knows what the plan is and if any activities within the school that day would impact safety, and what if any work arounds need to be performed. Program followed is the US Army Corps of Engineers Safety and Health requirements as outlined in their manual EM-385-1-1 (issue September 3 1996).

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