Project Management Efficiency

Experience with multiple bid packages and phased construction

DigaNET incorporates a software package called DigaBid. This software allows the company to track each and every proposal. The initial proposal, all change orders [phased construction] associated to the original quote as well as all additional new quotes [multiple bids] are tracked by this method. The result of this process is used by Operations and Accounting in the installation and billing of the quotes/jobs.

When the proposal is initially set-up, the system defaults to the next available proposal number and the initials of the sales person working on the job. The following information is entered into the date base.

  • Company Name:
  • Job Site/Description
  • Name of Contact
  • Company Address
  • Site Address
  • Phone Number
  • Fax Number
  • Email Address

From there the data based is able to incorporate, all required material, labor associated with product as well as, project management, engineering and drafting. The system to includes data fields for direct expenses, burden, fringe, administration and subcontractors.

In all cases, while multiple sites were working, DigaNET assigns one [1] project manager and one [1] account representative to ensure the client the best in services required. This allows one point of contact for both installation and sales. We have found this to work so all parties are able to collectivity understand the task at hand, cultures and personalities.

This has resulted in the highest quality of workmanship and a continual relationship.

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