Grow Facility Automation

Indoor, Outdoor, and Greenhouse Grow Facility Automation

Commercial Indoor Growing Facility, Pueblo, CO.  Full facility automation and integration provided by Diganet.

DigaNET, the leader in special systems technology integration has added to its repertoire, Grow Facility Automation.  This includes the design, build out, installation and integration of all growing facilities technology needs. DigaNET provides access to industry leading products such as KIND LED Grow lights, and Grow Link Hydropods.  

In addition to providing and servicing the security systems needs of your indoor or outdoor growing facility, DigaNET can not provide you with industry leading UL Listed Commercial Grow Lights, environment and nutrient automation control, and real time viewing of your commercial grow 24 hours a day.  We can automate your lighting, nutrient and water feeding schedule all at the tip of your finger tips, through our customized Grow Room Automation mobile app.  We are a licensed and preferred affiliate of KIND LED Grow Lights and Grow Link Environment and Nutrient Control Hydropods.


                Best indoor growing facility automation system.                Indoor, Outdoor, Greenhouse Commercial Grade Grow Lights.



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