Design, Installation, & Integration 

DigaNET is comprised of a core of experienced experts specializing in the design, installation and full support of complete turnkey integrated security and surveillance solutions, providing a “one-stop-shop” for the initial design to the procurement and final delivery of a fully integrated security management systems. 

A Consulting Division provides services to other non-security discipline consultants as well as to end users..

The Company was established over 30 years ago by Tony P. Ibarra, currently the Company’s President of Sales. The Company got its humble beginnings by selling automotive alarm systems and then migrated into the sales, installation and service of residential, then commercial security alarms. DigaNET was the first security installation company in 1995 to advertise in the television media  locally promoting its residential alarm systems, an industry first.

During the “recession in Denver” caused by the “oil bust” , DigaNET decided to change direction after seeing the volatility in the marketplace of focusing exclusively on selling to the local economy. We started to cater to both local, state and federal government agencies. This rethinking has provided DigaNET with a renown reputation nationwide in government circles and has resulted in DigaNET surviving over the years the cyclical ups and downs of the Denver economy.

DigaNET also realized that it had to set itself apart from the security contractors in the marketplace in order to grow, as the electronic security business was becoming more oriented towards selling  monthly leases as well as boxes/equipment, rather than focusing on the core of the expertise that was par for the industry  in the 1970’s and 80’s, primarily of using staff familiar with risk and threat assessment to provide design-build and customized security and surveillance solutions catering to individual clients needs. To this effect, in January 1997, DigaNET was the first integrator nationwide to endorse digital video recording, and became the exclusive representative in Colorado as well as within the Federal Government for pioneering digital video manufacturer, Loronix information Systems of Durango, CO.. At that time, recording was limited to the use of the video multiplexer and VCR.

At the same time, DigaNET formerly known as Digatron opened up a sales office in Washington, DC., and one of its first success stories was to design and create the specifications for the digital video deployment using the Loronix technology at the US Capitol. Later in 1998, DigaNET deployed at that time the largest digital video recording system, handling the recording of over 900 cameras recoding video for 2 weeks for the Federal Bureau of Prisons (FBOP)  in Beaumont, Texas. Another industry first. The FBOP  as a result established digital as their standard for all recording nationwide. In 2000, only a handful of systems integrators were offering digital. Digatron designed and deployed for the Department of State’s 72 domestic offices in North America as well as for the Department of Human Services in Denver, the first network wide digital video recording system spanning country-wide and city-wide scapes.

Up to 2001, digital was “bleeding edge” technology. DigaNET entered into OEM supply agreements since 1996 with two manufacturers, Loronix information Systems and subsequently DiSS technology. In 2003, Digatron started to manufacture its own digital video recording systems, based on its experience since 1996 of what is truly needed both from a product standpoint as well as a customer’s point of view, and has entered into OEM relationships with some of its camera suppliers. The DigaNet division of Diganet is now representing to other installation companies around the globe the worlds first hardware only, MPEG 4-AVC 10 compression offering real time recording rather than multiplexed, at the price levels of multiplexed digital technology.

Ranked number 56 of the top 100 systems integrators in America by SDM Magazine, a unit of Cahner’s Publications, DigaNET has been awarded a contract by GSA in Y 2003 and again in Y 2006 to supply its own manufactured  DigaNet HDVR digital recorder for the Office of Homeland Security, US Border Patrol, to cover the Southern and North West Borders.

DigaNET President of Sales, Tony Ibarra,  was asked to lead a forum of industry peers at the recent National Security Conference and Expo held in Washington, DC to discuss how one could contract with government in providing security design and installation services.

DigaNET is one of few industry integrators that has in-house a full time CTO as well as a Quality Control and ISO Standards Manager.

This is where we come from.

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