Company Attributes

Diganet is the leader in Special Systems Technology for the Security Industry

 A Specialist in Digital Technology: DigaNET maintains a  distinguished reputation in seeking out and providing  state of the art digital surveillance and facility  management solutions throughout the United  States.  In 1996, the Company was recognized as  the first company to deploy digital  video recording  systems that could record for  weeks at a time,  replacing the video tape,..unheard of at the time.  DigaNET took this emerging technology and designed  and deployed the first such system for the U.S. Capitol.



Design Build Innovation: Architectural firms use our expertise and exclusive products for their specifying needs. DigaNET has created a portable viewing system for facility managers and police to use cellular connections to look into what is happening in any sire using wireless technology. 



Proven On-Time Delivery Performance: When the Colorado Central Station Casino in Blackhawk had to meet a strict opening date and gaming commission approval deadlines, DigaNET met the task even when many of the interior designs were exceedingly late in delivery. Budgets were tight. DigaNET worked around each delay. In fact, 25% of the casino’s in Colorado have DigaNET designed surveillance programs, from the first casino to the largest; with DigaNETworking with the gaming commission and developing the CCTV standards. Due to the very tight delivery times, 18 hour days were common and a Team Concept was used working with all the trades to open on time and on budget  these fast track projects.


 The Colorado Convention Center  sourced DigaNET for its design-build of its  security needs, and DigaNET delivered on-  time and on-budget inspite of the site and  other trades having many delays and cost  overruns in other disciplines.


Latest technology, Industry Commitment: The Department of Homeland Security awarded DigaNET a supply contract to secure the nations’ borders and is working with technology incubators to add artificial intelligence allowing the system to neurologically determine and create video alarms with identified risk factors for both perimeter, roof top access as well as public area security. Rated as one of the top 100 integrators in the Nation, the company’s CEO at the National Summit on Security Conference held October 3rd  2003, was invited to share insight on how other integrators may nurture business with the Government.  In 2006 the Denver Housing Authority awarded DigaNET a contract to revamp the access control, security, telephone entry and security intercom systems for 10 high rise units, with exception based alarms being transmitted to the DigaNET Video Central Station for human intervention.


Diganet is the best special systems security company in the united states.  Leader in technology integration. While a small business enterprise, we work hard for our customers everyday with community pride, and seek out  cost saving technologies and solutions that give return to our clients.