Access Control

DigaNET provides cutting edge access control technology design, installation, and network integration.  As the first defense against property theft and damage, access control is the foundation for good security. The concept of access control is about letting authorized personnel in and keeping everyone else out. There are as many access control systems and technologies as there are use cases: from straightforward deadbolts for residential properties to card readers for corporate offices. The “key” to finding the right solution is to balance the organization’s security requirements with the need for ease of use.

  • Card Readers

  • Biometrics and Proximity Cards

  • Key Pad

  • Intercom

Simply put,  an access control  system is a  process put in  place by a  company to  increase their  security by  allowing or  denying  individuals access  to certain areas, be they physical (such as doors) or digital (such as certain computer files). A proper access control system keeps track of who accessed certain files or areas and at what times this admittance occurred. In order for a system such as this to work to its full potential, great care must be taken to ensure that it works with all of the other security measures already in place. This includes having a system that is fully functional with timecards, ID cards, and badges, if they are used. When all the components work in harmony, a proper system is impossible to beat.  Contact a DigaNET representative today to learn how we can integrate your access control system today.

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