News from Sony, Digatron, GE Interlogix

Sony Announces Corporate Retooling

Sony Corp., parent company of Sony Security Systems, has announced a corporate restructuring plan that will include the elimination of 20,000 jobs, or about 13 percent of its workforce. The company calls it part of a turnaround strategy to lift sagging profits, including a 25-percent drop in profit for the September quarter.

Of the 20,000 jobs to be eliminated, Sony says 7,000 will be in Japan with the rest distributed globally. The company’s goal is to slash its annual fixed costs by almost $3 billion by 2006. The specifics of the cuts have not been announced.

Rick Clancy, a Sony spokesman, says its too early to know what kind of hit Sony Security Systems will take in the corporate retooling, if any. “It’s not clear at all what will happen in the U.S. in general, let alone a specific division,” Clancy says. “There’s no direct effect and no immediate plan at this time. There’s no reason to even speculate.”

Digatron Gets a Boost From Homeland Security Department

Colorado-based Digatron Inc. has signed a contract to supply the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) with digital video recording (DVR) and surveillance equipment.

“This acquisition by the Department of Homeland Security signifies a move by the federal government to incorporate 30 frames per second per channel, near-DVD quality with audio for their digital video recording needs into their electronic security programs,” Digitron CEO Anthony Ibarra said in a statement.

GE Interlogix Acquires CCTV Developer

GE has bolstered its CCTV presence after acquiring Kampro Technology Inc. and will add it to its GE Interlogix unit.

Kampro is a developer of image sensing technologies and a manufacturer of CCTV camera systems.

“Kampro … is a good fit for GE’s history of innovation and product diversity within the security and CCTV markets,” says Brian Poggi, president of GE Interlogix’s Video Systems unit. “Kampro was an easy choice, and both companies are already flourishing from the exchange of ideas, technologies and our customers should be very excited for what awaits them.”