East Colfax installs new surveillance cameras

Digatron Inc., in conjunction with the Colfax Business Improvement District (CBID) and the Denver Police Department (DPD), have introduced and installed a state of the art video surveillance system on a small section of East Colfax.

Surveillance cameras will now scan a three block area between Grant and Pearl Streets, providing 24/7 video streams of all activity being conducted along that route.

Digatron, a Hispanic-owned firm, has been in business for over 25 years and already had a security system set up on Colfax, from Cherokee up to Sherman. This new project however, is the first “designed to interface with DPD” says Anthony Ibarra, company CEO. All this is an effort to help deter crime in this area of Colfax, which has become well known for noxious activities such as prostitution and drug activities.

Compression Technology is what makes Digatron’s security systems unique, according to Ibarra. The DPD is able to see activity only three seconds after it happens, and after they install an updated internet connection, they will be able to improve that to less than half a second.

Overall reaction to the project, which took less than six months to approve and only seven days to install, has been positive. Business owners are especially thrilled, hoping the project will help them to recover revenue lost due to increased crime in the area.

Business owners and CBID committee members expect to see immediate and dramatic results. “We are extremely pleased and indebted to Digatron management and staff for the way they’ve stepped up to deliver a superior project on time and on budget. The video quality and data distribution is, in a word, outstanding,” says CBID Chairman Greg Holle.

The company does anticipate expanding the security system throughout East and West Colfax. Ibarra says, “We don’t think it will take long. The city of Denver wants this.”

Ibarra has been a resident of Denver for 40 years and believes everyone in the community needs to do their own part to contribute to the safety and well-being of Denver. By working with Digatron to make these places safer, he feels he is doing his part.

Denver-based Digatron Inc., also provides video surveillance for the State Capitol complexes, the Governor’s mansion, Denver Public Schools, Invesco Field at Mile High and Coors Field, among others.

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